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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Oh, man, Luanne dosed me with her magic hands for lunch. She massaged the concrete out of my legs, but I could tell she was quite challenged with my calves. They really needed work.

It's wrong to fall for your masseuse, right? Kind of pathetic? Isn't that what losers do with care-givers like nurses or psychiatrists (not that I need one of those!)?
I'm not saying I'm falling for Luanne - I'm just saying... it'd be pathetic of me if I did, right?
Anyways, the thought never entered my mind. Ever! Really!

Last night, I got new ink.

Twin dragon armband on the right arm (to match the tattoo on my left shoulder). Still pretty sore but not as bad as I remember the first one being. I'm following directions closely with only one tweak - I dab on some Neosporin cream (not the petro-jelly type) with Pramoxine pain reliever, then some Lubriderm. The Neosporin+ really makes a big difference the first night.

Mike Bennett at Phantom 8 Tattoo did it. Thanks, Mike! Nice job!

I'll probably get one more tattoo, but at this point I'm not even close to deciding what or where. I'm thinking of a skull. I'd have to do the artwork on this one. Maybe my lower-back.

Other ideas I've pondered...
- T-Rex skeleton running through the desert with a Camelbak and trailshoes (too complicated)
- Eyeballs on the back of my calves
- Bar-code on the back of my head


At 8:37 PM, Anonymous Meghan said...

Nice ink! I like the t-rex idea. That's pretty sweet and I know some tattoo artist could render it for you. I have but one tiny flower tattoo.

So, falling for the woman who gives you physical torture, huh? That says something about you. ;)


At 11:49 AM, Blogger JeffO said...

Lucy the Dominatrix?
She has a unique style. She acts like the person she's massaging is an alter. She worships there like a priestess, even doing a silent prayer over you at the start and finish (a penny for her prayer?).
But yes, there's some painful sacrificing that goes on. Not all of it. Some of it is so soothing it's hard to stay awake and not drool.


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