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Friday, May 11, 2007

Time Trial

Mt. Falcon...35:05:28 = (+1:07:18)
That's about what I could expect on the heals of a 50M and a hard Tuesday run. Conditions for the time trials were totally ideal, though.

I have two ideal pacers to replace the two that bowed-out. These replacements are ideal because they're leaders of one of the biggest running clubs in Colorado, and they've volunteered or paced at the LT100 every year for a long time. They're also the NICEST two people you could ever meet!

There's a twist to this whole pacer story, though...
My original pacers, Matt K and friend/co-worker, work for a food distribution company. Thier boss was over in Iraq and got back this Spring. Their boss decided to run Leadville so Matt and co-worker decided to pace him instead of me.
Now the DamGummint told him he has to get ready to ship out again within the month. Back to Iraq.

I could spend pages mis-directing this blog away from running and into politics/religion/culture, but I won't.

Maybe I can use Matt and/or friend still.
My second-shift crew chief was going to double as my last pacer. He's very slow and knows it, but that might be a good thing at that stage of the race where the challenge might be to keep me walking (running those last 20 miles might be only a dream). Or if I still have strength and am fighting to catch the 30-hr cut-off, it could be a bad thing. He's fantastic company, though, and I really would love to have him with me when I cross the finish.
Strategically, though, it would be smarter to have Matt take his place. Matt would not be running at capacity. Matt's a LeadMan - he's done the mtn bike race and the run.
Paul was going to switch pacing for Matt's boss after he was done with me. Maybe I'll have Paul pace me the last leg(s)?

I'm such a lucky guy. Is everyone tired of me saying that?
I'm lucky to know so many totally amazing creatures.
I'm lucky to call so many "friend".
I'm lucky to be so healthy.
I'm lucky to have been born in this country that everyone in the world wants to move to and/or mimic (and hate).
I don't want to take anything for granted. Life is short, and when it's not, sometimes you have to endure decades with a maimed or paralyzed body. We really have to appreciate everything we have every minute of every day. When things aren't the way we want, instead of going ballistic, we need to appreciate the perspectives (the Big Picture) that keeps it all in context. Life shouldn't be about controlling everything; it should be about trying. Trying builds character, and when trying, that's the best way to interact with others. Life is about relationships, so this is important.

Uh-oh, I hear that music in the background starting to play, again. That must mean I'm soapboxing. Sorry. I'll stop.

I did manage to talk to several veteran runners about training. I've decided my training schedule is right for me as-is. I still haven't filled-in the last three weeks, though. I figure that part will come to me as things draw closer.

Happy running, rolling (or anything else you do) everyone.


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