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Monday, April 30, 2007

Nice Weather

Fri=13.3 miles
Sat=10.8 miles
Sun=10.7 miles
83.6 miles total for the log-week.

Friday, my left knee had improved.
The weather was great, but I had to work late and was in a rush. I forgot my gel and trailbar. But it didn't matter - I swallowed three bugs (taste just like chicken).

My knees each improved Sat. and Sun. in spite of the usual mileage. They seem to be virtually no-issue, but I'll make sure I do the requisite walking each day.

I had planned on running at Waterton Canyon over the weekend, but I had way too much work to do and errands to run. That happens when you have to work late every day, then rush home and run until bedtime. Stuff piles up. You need your weekend to catch up.
I made-do with Washington Park. Thursday, someone gasped at me that "running around Wash. Park so much" would be "SO BORING!" Well, I guess I'm doing okay with that. Wash. Park has tons of amazing and interesting people. There's lots of world-class (or at least Colorado-class) athletes. The average percentage-of-bodyfat must be lower than just about any place on Earth. Surely only Boulder and Venice Beach can compare. The women - hold on - this needs it's own paragraph!
The WOMEN! O-M-G! Guys from other parts of the country that visit Wash. Park think they've died and gone to heaven. If you can get cavities from eye-candy, my eyeballs are going to be rotted out of my head pretty soon. Several times each run, I see women that I have to wonder, "Is it really possible for the human body to look like that? Surely not."
Bored? I think I'll survive somehow!
Sunday was 82 degrees! Yow! I'm not used to the heat. But the women around Wash. Park were wearing bikinis in droves. So it was worth the discomfort. (I'm such a pig!) Guilty - sorrrrry.


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