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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sharing the Wealth

Here's a hero sharing the wealth...
Jane Tomlinson: Across the USA, by Martyn Hollingworth

"Risk" implies "possibility". We often speak of "risking our lives". Ultimately, there's no "risk" - we're all going to die. Many of us have one or several brushes with death. I'm not saying we should live recklessly. That would obviously hasten the end. But living without "living" is not "safe".
What we leave behind (and who we leave behind) are what we should consider when deciding how to live our lives.
Some people are informed that they're dieing. Is that a blessing or a curse? I guess that would depend. They each have their blessings. One way it's over with with minimal pain and agony for everyone. The other, well, the suddenness can be a source of agony too. At least with a warning you can say your goodbyes and maybe do one last thing.

Last night I got to walk with a friend for several miles. I was lucky. Funny how such a simple thing can be the highlight of your day.

Did 15.8 miles last night @ 9:58 average pace, including the walking.
39.6 miles so far this week. I'm practically halfway to my 80-mile goal for the week.

My knees are tweaking, especially my left one. I'm concerned but not crippled.
The ankles and feet are good but not great.
Next week, no running allowed. Easy biking required Monday-Wednesday. Collegiate Peaks 50M on Saturday.


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