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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I didn't feel good yesterday, even though I got a fantastic massage from Lucy S. in the afternoon. (Lucy's hands are magic!) My legs felt like lead, my right foot hurt near or at the same spot as the fracture, and my left knee hurt.
I started running pathetically gimpy from the pain. I couldn't imagine running half a mile, so I tried not to imagine it.
I ran to the Tuesday runners' meeting place and still felt bad. I ran a lap around Wash. Park and still felt bad. No one was as slow as me. After two laps, I felt better but still not decent. After the 3rd lap, I ran back home.

10.7 miles. I felt like I was moving at 11min./mile pace, but my watch claims I was going 9:15/9:30 pace.

You'd think that maybe if I felt that bad, running would be a bad idea, but like I've said before, my body is a liar half the time.
Today I feel okay. Not great, but not bad. If yesterday's run was bad for me,
today would have me even worse. Who knows what causes those sorts of days? We all have them - sometimes for several days.

The weather forecast for Saturday's race is good weather, but anything can happen in three days. Even if the weather is great, the trail might be muddy.


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