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Friday, March 30, 2007

Running in Clouds

I felt very tired last night. I didn't push hard at all - just put in the miles. It snowed all day long, and all through the run up Lookout Mountain. We went up to Buffalo Bill's grave and back - 9.5 miles.

The School of Mines fireworks were called off for the second year in a row. Everything was socked-in with the clouds.

But the Capitol Grill, which had burned last year, was open and serving pretty much the same menu, including the little apples they always put on every plate.
I think I'll take the day off. Maybe I'll do two easy miles if I start to feel like it.

It was 14 degrees this morning. Winter is not over. There's no such thing as Spring or Fall. It's just the time of year Summer and Winter fight over the weather!
I have to meet a guy tomorrow morning for eight-or-so miles. He's new to town. Should be fun. I like meeting out-of-towners for runs.


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