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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Even Forrest Gump didn't do this!

I'm such a wimp!
Look what Robert Garside
Next, he plans to swim it.
There's quite a lot of controversy, which I think is very impolite and unsportsmanlike.

Here's an organization that has it's own ideas how things ought to be done.

But Garside wasn't following the route of a running organization. His dream hatched from reading a Guiness Book of World Records book, and therefore he followed the strict routing dictated to him from Guiness.

For one thing, you can't run around the world, literally. The closest you could come would require running from Recife, Brazil all the way through Alaska. Then hop the Bering Strait and run across Asia, through the Sanai Peninsula to Dakar, Senegal. Then fly north to run across Iceland and Greenland.
I don't know what his route was, but any route will have to be "fudged". So why argue? He ran a very long ways!

Thanks to my friend David J for sending me this.

Change of subject...Today's Dilbert. Since I work in an office, I can relate to this.


At 5:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

Please let your readers consider the full story with Garside:




At 6:58 AM, Anonymous David Johnson said...

Wow... just read the website linked in the commentary by Phil. Guess we don't know who to believe, the experience of ultra-marathoners or the self-promoting ("For England... and the Hell of it!") British press.

Thanks for the honorable mention in your post!

David J.


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