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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Slow but still moving

Ran two very lame miles last night. My ankle hurts even when I go slow, but it hasn't hurt any worse afterwards. So the general rule: If it doesn't feel worse afterwards, and it continues to heal, then there's no reason to stop running. So maybe I'll just plod along at 2 miles/day until I can up the speed and miles.

My leg muscles didn't feel like they needed any rest at all. During the downhill, my quads were very tired from putting on the brakes, but they needed almost no recovery. I credit that to eating Accel gels during the race (they have protein), and eating cookies, gumbo soup, and tomato bisque within 30 minutes afterwards. I'm very religious about consuming protein after any workout.

Awesome weather continues. Supposed to get wet later this week.


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