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Monday, March 12, 2007

Fun weekend!!

According to this Body Mass Index caculator, I'm supposed to weigh 156lbs.

I currently weigh 173lbs, or allegedly 17lbs overweight.
BMI isn't a perfect way to judge proper weight, but it's usually close, and it's quick.

Some football players are so bulked on muscle that their BMI claims they're fat. So obviously BMI isn't always correct.

I think mine is fairly close, but ultra-runners tend to have tree-trunk legs, so I might be able to fudge the numbers. About 160-165lbs should be about right. So I still need to dump 10lbs.

Sat., I biked about 13 miles up and down Waterton Canyon. It was real nice, but it clouded up and started to sprinkle.

Then I drove to recreation point #2 to go running in my new Redfeathers. I was north of Mt. Evans, about a 1/4 mile from Chicago Creek Campground. It rained while driving there, then it switched to big snowballs falling out of the sky, then it stopped about the time I left my car. To the north, over Winter Park, the sky was BLACK! I had friends chopping down dead plague trees that day.

It rained hard all the way home.

The past 7 days, I ran every day for a total of 50 miles.
I've averaged 5.7 miles/day this month.

I'm exhausted. I don't think it's from running, though. I slept about 11 hours Sat. night. Then Sun. night, I had no trouble going to sleep. Before going to bed, my stomach felt crampy like it can only feel leading into stomach flu, but it went away and no other symptoms manifested. So I'm pretty sure it was my body successfully going toe-to-toe with the flu and winning.

My right foot, the one that was stress-fractured, is hurting. Too much too soon. I guess I still need to build carefully.

My legs muscles have been kept tired and sore for the past two weeks. Not too much, but just enough to really trigger improvements. Last night, my easy-long run was about an 8:50 pace without trying. Much better than last week's struggle to maintain 10:00 pace.

This week, I plan to slack off. I have the gruesome Salida Marathon this coming Sat.

This year I'm tracking my mileage (last year I didn't care). I built an Excel spreadsheet with graphs. Since computers and software are my career, it's good practice. It's fun (and dumb) incentive to want to run more just so I can cause the graph to spike. Whatever works.


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