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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happy Happy, Joy Joy

Yesterday, I started by driving to Loveland Pass and hiking up Sniktau.
It was 15 degrees and blowing hard. I don't know what the wind-chill was, but it was dangerous for any exposed skin.
I hope this helps me build more red blood cells.

Then I drove to Denver, picked up the Tuesday gang, and drove to the Denver Trail Runners Full Moon snowshoe run, which we hiked.
It was 9 degrees that night, but the wind wasn't as bad below treeline.
A few miles away, though, a guy died...
The ambulance sped by as we were heading out.

Afterwards, we ate at Fiesta Jalisco in Bergen Park.
Tania Pacev was there, and seemed in better spirits than I've ever seen her. It was very good to get to spend time with her where we weren't at a race, or exhausted after a race. And she got to meet my Peeps. (And they got to see a REAL RUNNER!)
Tania has raced all over the world and either wins, or places in her divisions every time.
Between the regular DTR runners, my Wash. Park friends, and Tania, I had a moment where I just got all quiet and a part of me stood back and took it all in. It's like I had to pinch myself. I've never been consistently surrounded by so many fantastic people in my life.
I'm happy.


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