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Friday, March 02, 2007

Snowshoes shipped

My new race snowshoes just shipped from Sierra Trading Post. I ended up buying none of the previously-mentioned snowshoes. I found some of the over-priced snowshoes I really wanted on sale.

2 lbs., 4 oz.
$131, incl. shipping&handling

That'll work for me.

Last night we ran at Green Mountain. We had gotten light snow the night before. The wind drifted it rather deep in spots. It was some really tough plowing. I just tried to run straight through each drift, but each was so very dense, usually on hillsides, and no telling how deep each step was.
It was not what my left ankle needed. My left ankle is now bad enough to need serious attention. The Salida Marathon in a couple of weeks is even in question.
A friend was jabbing me about my ailments after the run and I claimed I was 100%-good-to-go. But that was before I had to walk back to my car after sitting for an hour.
My ankle hurts more when I'm going downhill.
Endorphins help alleviate some of the pain, and when I don't move it, it feels fine.
I can't believe this! I never even twisted it! WTF!!!

I ran 6.6 miles. I ran Monday-Thursday. Still, it only adds up to 19 miles. Because of my ankle, I'm not running today. It's not the mileage that hurts it - it's the un-even surfaces that I keep stepping on. I need strong ankle tissues. I might be stuck on flat surfaces for awhile. I love my wild and craggy trails, but if I don't get a handle on this, my season will get trashed.

The stress fracture on my right foot is now undetectible. It's as if it never happened - totally healed

Found out that the San Juan Solstice filled. Since I haven't registered, this will have to be marked off my list. I'll probably attack the Leadville 100 course during that weekend instead.


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