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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I've been trying to eat healthy, and reduce my calories, lately. I want to get my weight down to 160lbs. If I do that, it will go back up to 163 for sure, but that's 10lbs. less than I weigh now. I figure 156-163 is just about ideal for me. Right now fat fills the spaces between the muscles. If I keep my muscle-mass up, and lose the fat, my skin will sink into the clefts between the muscles and really make me look ripped.
Then I plan to wax my entire body, spray on a tan, and go work for Chippendales.
Then, I woke up...

But seriously, my weight actually went up to 175 like the old days. Last winter had me lose weight. This winter I'm gaining.
For the past week, I've been eating less. Friday I ate too much pizza, but not as much as I used to. Other than that, I haven't eaten too much.

I've gone entire days where all I eat are Safeway nutritional drink for Breakfast, Muscle Milk for lunch, then an apple, mixed nuts, and a giant salad (only a trace of dressing) for dinner.
At work, the guys like to grab me for lunch. They like cheap fast-food like Wendy's, Pizza Hut, ... So it's not ideal, but I save gas & money. Also, I can be somewhat of a work-aholic, so I like to be torn away from my work when they stop for lunch. Usually lunch is a surprise - the time flies. If they don't get me, I can miss lunch entirely.
In my desk are cans of tuna, apples, and mixed nuts. Sometimes I stock nutrional drinks and Nature Valley trailbars.
Today we ate at that fancy Irish restaurant, McDonalds.
Yesterday I ate at my desk for lunch and then ate 8 California rolls from Tokyo Joes for dinner. With an organic beer (Budweiser is organic, right? Right?)
I don't eat a perfect diet, but by reducing fried food to almost-never, reducing overall calories, and increasing vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables, while exercising, the weight ought to come off eventually.
When you starve yourself, your body goes into a protective starvation-mode where it becomes more efficient (you can do more on fewer calories). So when you put your body into starvation-mode, it's real important not to binge. That's how you gain weight through improper dieting. When you're famished and you pig-out on junk, that's worse than just eating the same ol' stuff. So the ocassional times I'm starved, I drink a nutritional drink or a handful of nuts, then wait about half an hour before eating a meal.
I was at 173 last night. That could be water-weight alone.


At 8:15 AM, Anonymous David Johnson said...

I'm loosely following the Fat Flush diet. Tina's trying the Bob Greene ("as seen on Oprah!") Drinking diluted cranberry juice with psyllium husks plus flax and borage oil supplements; throwing in a Centrum Silver vitamin on my own. No "white" food is allowed: no bread, pasta, rice, potatoes... Increased water intake (we have a large Pur filter in our fridge) plus fruits, vegetables and lean meats. Stopping all fast food and eating out will be the thing that throws my weight into reverse. Tina and I are both addicted to Taco Bell. The complete physical and consultation with a physician, a cardiologist and a dietician I had just after I turned 40 and just before I got married said that I only needed to lose between 16 and 19 pounds, which would put my weight around 195. Bought some new weightstraps and a butterfly attachment for my vintage Soloflex; workout #2 is tonight. Taking it slowly and thinking of this as a lifestyle change rather than a diet. Need to increase my aerobic activity, and plan on lengthy walks with the dog as soon as the weather cooperates and considering a kayak for fishing on some local lakes and the James River, seeking that elusive trophy muskellunge. The goal is to be healthy and in shape before heading back for my Masters Degree at age 50. Sorry, no ultra-running for me! Good luck with your goals and in getting your foot back into shape. DJ


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