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Friday, February 02, 2007

Thursday Run

The Denver Trail Runners met at Chief Hosa west of Genesee for a frigid run in the snow storm. It was about 5 degrees and snowing hard and blowing. I love this stuff! Jamison was saying that too. What a crazy bunch of running freaks we have!
The highway was treacherous and the traffic was horrible. It's amazing that about 13 people decided to do this!

I had to post my before-and-after shots.

I thought it was so hilarious. Frosty the Jeff-man.

Here's how I decked-out my legs and feet. GoreTex Montrails.
My origianl pair of Montrails was bought at EMS. The original pair cracked and made a hole where it bends at the ball of the foot. I told this to an EMS employee and he told me to bring them in. They replaced them for free. This had less to do with EMS and more to do with Montrail backing their products. It didn't cost EMS anything.

I have my Injinji toe-sox on underneath some hiking socks. With the GoreTex, this system keeps my feet warm.

Some people use neoprene or GoreTex socks over other socks. There's lots of ways to stay warm and dry.

We ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Bergen Park afterwards. I had a Cadillac Margarita. Man those are strong! No skimping on the tequila.


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