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Friday, January 26, 2007

LT100 confirmed

My confirmation for LT100 came in. It's a done deal.

My foot feels weird. It often doesn't hurt at all, and then it feels like it's about to break again. It's real hard to figure out what the status is. The x-ray looked good. The halo around the break is solid bone, but define "solid". You can't see through it, but is it rigid, or somewhat pliable? It feels like is not so solid.

Been relying on my heals like I haven't ever before. I hope that doesn't end up hurting my back. I ran Tuesday, but Thursday didn't feel right. Neither does today. Maybe I'll get some exercise in this weekend.

Or not. Got my new computer (totally in peices). I need to assemble it. I'll probably mod the case. I'm thinking I'll paint it gloss dark red with some matte-red flames. I'll call my new computer Diablo. I hope that doesn't make it run too hot - I have lots of fans.


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