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Monday, January 22, 2007

Frosty's Frozen Five

The name of the race says it all. It was snowing hard the entire morning, but these aren't normal people. You gotta have some screws loose to show up in blowing snow for late race-day registration, but that's what happened. Several dozen people signed up! I love Colorado!
Here's Darrin Eisman setting up the finish line. He does JDEvents timing. Darrin also does the Mount Evans Ascent. The highest race in America.
There was snow all over the tables.
The race was at Chatfield Resevoir and was put on by JDEvents (Jessica and Derek Griffiths). Jessica is the editor of Colorado Runner and Derek is the mascot. No, wait, actually he's the photographer! (I remember now.)
Best trail running mag there is. Unbelieveable how good a job they do with just two people working on it. It's better than most national publications.

All I did was volunteer.

Last year, Paul Grimm and I did a Greenland 50K aid station. Now we're immortalized on the website (scrunched banner at the top):


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