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Sunday, February 04, 2007

How to Put on Frozen Boots in the Morning

So you've got all the winter toys and you stayed warm all night. You took off your GoreTex before bed and put on all your fleece and down for a nice, warm night. Now it's morning and your boots are frozen solid.
You need to get dressed in sessions. Take your night stuff off and stay in your down bag. Yank the sole liners out of your boots and tuck them into your waistband. When your gloves are warm and dry, and you're ready to put your boots on, put the warmed liners back into your boots. this is especially important because you haven't been moving around and your feet have no circulation. So they won't tolerate the cold so well. If you at least warm the liners, you get just enough head start to ensure your feet don't get cold.


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