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Friday, February 23, 2007

Green Mountain again

I was right about Green Mountain - the trails were mostly dry. There were several muddy spots, from 5ft. - 50ft long.
I now have a pile of about 6 pairs of shoes that need the mud washed off. Sounds like a good weekend chore.

Denver Trail Runners ran in town in the smog. Up on Grn Mtn, I could see the monster Brown Cloud well. I wasn't high enough to escape it, but smog is heavier than air and sinks towards the riverbeds. DTR ran along Bear Creek. So the smog they were in was probably 4x's what I had to put up with.
I don't fault Adam Feerst for staying off the trails. The leader of a group has extra responsibility with regards to public trails. Having 20-40 runners ripping through the mud can destroy vegetation on the sides of trails, widening a single-track into a swampy quagmire.

My right foot has been uncomfortable, but the spot where the bone broke isn't hurting. I want to be cautious but not overly so. There's going to be pain. I learned that years ago when I shattered my ankle. The pains in my right foot are chaotic and schitzo. I think they have more to do with the fact that all the muscles and connective tissues have atrophied the months after the break and are having a hard time coming up-to-speed.
My sore ankle from Saturday didn't bother me last night. Somewhat limping during my 20-mile run Saturday was good for re-balancing my muscles. After months of using my left leg more, Saturday I used my right leg more. My back had started to hurt from the imbalance. Now my back feels fine.

I started the Master Cleanse today. I'm not going to last.
1) It took me an hour to make today's supply of lemonade
2) It tastes bad and triggers nasea when I take a swallow - which precludes me taking another until the nasea goes away.
I haven't even begun the eventual "cleansing". Days 2-3 are the worst. That's why I planned to start on a Friday morning.
I bought 25 lemons. I used up 6 making one gallon. 25 lemons will get me through 5 days. That will do very much good. It's not like I live on cheese burgers, chitlins, and coca-cola. I shouldn't be that toxic.

I'm officially backed-out of tomorrow's Snowman Stampede. I really wanted to run it, and my foot feels fine. There are 2 distances: 10 & 20 miles. There's no way I'm going over 5 miles on pavement at this stage. I feel very good today - very strong. I feel the muscles getting back into it, and the foot is progressing well. I'm not going to jeopardize it.
Unfortunately, much of the secret to my success is that I've been running alone, which I don't prefer. By running alone, I pay better attention to the slightest nuance of my injury. There's no pressures. I can scrub the entire run at any moment, run less, run more, run here, run there...


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