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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Something I've been looking at lately

The Master Cleanse
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Master Cleanser
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Toxins are unavoidable byproducts of digestion of foreign matter (food).

Here's a scary warning:
Are you clean inside?

The best place for toxins to build up are in arterial plaque, fat stores, intestines, and skin. The reason is that, except for intestines, these are the places where circulation is worst.
Some less-likely but serious places are in your organs, and these can lead to cancer, especially if the toxin crystalizes.

A deep-tissue massage kneeds these toxins out of your skin. That's one of the benefits of massage. It's also why so many people die after a massage, and why you're supposed to get a doctor's okay before getting your 1st deep-tissue massage.

The Master Cleanse is, ideally, a 10-day ordeal that completely empties your intestines and resets your body's cravings. Even though you'll lose some weight, the purpose isn't to lose weight. If you have unhealthy cravings for fried foods and sweets, and it causes you to become obese, this diet can reset those cravings. It's the aftermath of the diet that hopefully will lead to a healthier diet that allows you to crave healthy foods.
Anyone can benefit from this "reset", though. For athletes, it's a good way to break away from the average diet and switch to a stricter athletic diet.

I need to do this soon, but I need to get myself to a Whole Foods. There aren't any conveniently located in my stomping grounds, so I need to go out of my way some day.


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