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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Feel the Need, the Need for, uh, Slowness

Last night's 5.1 miles wasn't so bad. Wasn't too comfortable the first two miles, but finished feeling fine. Also ran about 9min/mile pace.

I have to keep in mind that I'm supposed to be building my mileage carefully, even though I feel impatient to pour it on. I'll taper 5 days before the Salida Marathon, and then back off the pounding. I need to do more mountain climbing and hiking and less running.

In order to get a belt buckle at Leadville, I only have to average 15min/mile. That's 4mph, or a quick walking pace. If you figure that I can't hike some inclines that fast (notably Hope Pass), and I'll have to stop several times to eat, change shoes/clothing/etc., then that means I'll still have to run much of it to keep the average. But I shouldn't have to run much faster than 12min/mile.
So I guess I shouldn't even worry about last Monday's pace.


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