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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Taper week, I guess

My broken foot has been hurting since Friday. It's not enough to stop me from running, but I decided to take this week off anyway. My foot doesn't feel any better for it, so I know it's needed.
Salida Marathon is Saturday. After getting out of shape while my foot healed, and after giving blood a couple of weeks ago, I know my performance won't be anything to brag about, and I don't really care. I'll take off the rest of the week, do my marathon, and take off some more days.
I ride my bike a tiny bit daily (kind of a token ride to get the circulation going, but not a workout), and I'm supposed to go mountain climbing Sunday after the race.
So not much to report.

I like Google Earth. Since I don't have the time or money to travel, Google Earth is the next-best thing. So for lunch at work, I go places I probably will never actually visit. Today, I visited Costa Rica, where a co-worker is from, and Tahiti and French isles around. I always pictured Tahiti as an island paradise, but Google Earth shows it has a highway, a large metro area where two towns have sprawled together, and ritzy mansions like I'm used to seeing in Aspen and Vail. They even have a huge, ugly industrial area. So my image of Tahiti has been popped! What a silly dream!
The isles around, though, OMG! There are atolls with maybe 5-12 islands poking out and a landing strip on the biggest. No roads. No towns. Maybe (just maybe) a shack at the landing strip. Man, I could see myself walking around naked for a week spearing fish and laying in the sun. Oh, drop me off with a case of beer and a gallon of margarita!


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