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Friday, March 23, 2007

Still running

My ankle was hurting some before I started running. Psycho-emotionally, I couldn't imagine not running, but the body didn't feel like it. I still managed to have a good 8-mile run.
Since I felt tired, I concentrated on cadence instead of speed. 180 steps / minute is supposed to be most efficient. I don't think I made it over 177. After 4 miles of that, I was tired, so I relaxed back to about 165. I don't have fast-twitch muscles, so 180/minute is probably not realistic for me.
Even though I wasn't pushing for speed, at high cadence, I don't think I was going very slow. I didn't time the whole run. One lap around Wash. Park clocked an 8:15 pace, so not too slow.

Collegiate Peaks Trail Run 50 (May 5) finally got my registration posted. None of the guys I know are running there. Two women I know are running the 25, and Anita F is doing the 50. So there will be a few familiar faces.
It's my first 50. I'd like to do it under 10 hours.


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