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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Running stronger

Somebody 'splain this to me...
The past few days has been painless while walking around, but when I started to run, it was bad. When I stopped running, the pain went away.
Last night it was as if my ankle had no injury. I was careful at first, but with no sign of pain, I sped up. I got a very good 5.3 mile workout in.
Afterwards, it started hurting. I then ran to the grocery store and then to Blockbuster. Very painful afterwards. My ankle has been hurting mildly walking around the office today.
There's no consistency. The pain is schizoid. It used to hurt when I ran - now when I don't.
Anyway, it's healing fast. Looking forward to the Greenland 50K. That course is fairly easy. Certainly nothing like the last few miles at Salida.

I stumbled across this test:
Sex ID
I guess I'm not a knuckle-dragger.
The test says I'm attracted to female faces (duh).
Also says I have an extraordinary 3D perspective and very expressive with words. The former is a male trait and the latter is a female trait.
My brain function scored in the middle, leaning neither male nor female.
Emotions: midway
Dito for spatial ability.
On one hand, it claims I'm not into technical stuff (I'm a damn good computer tech in real-life), and on the other says I should be an engineer or scientist.
The shocking test is where it says you have to split some money. I guess the average person, whether male or female, is a greedy, selfish child in this area. I'm not.
So what's it all mean?
Nothing - it's just a dumb Internet test. It was fun.


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