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Monday, April 16, 2007


Denise S. finished Boston in 3:58:10
Way to go, Denise!! Your 2nd Boston - and most of us will never qualify.

My weight shot up to 175lbs after the 50K. It had to have been from swelling. It stayed there until Monday morning. Now it's back down to 169lbs.
Wow, 6 pounds of swelling from an easy 50K. What's Leadville going to be like? And when they weigh me at Winfield, what will my weight be? Up or down?
At the half-way point at Winfield, they weigh you and compare it to your manditory pre-race weigh-in. If you weigh too much or too little, they hold you. If they have to hold you beyond the cutoff, you're DNF'd.


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