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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Snow is Setting the Stage

It's snowing. The 50K might get postponed until the 28th. I hope the forecast is wrong (6-12" of snow by Friday afternoon). I'm counting on the 31-mile race to reach my 70 miles.
Currently accumulated 38.7 miles. If I run the 50K, that'll give me 69.7 miles. So I'd only have to run a mile Sunday.

Last night wasn't bad. I wasn't in pain at the start, and was warmed-up after three miles. Then I pushed at lactate speed for 3.5 miles. I finished the eight-mile run easy.
I stretched out after the lactate run and again after I got home.

I was going to take Thurs & Fri off to taper for the race. Since the race might get postponed, I'm wondering if I ought to run a few miles each day?


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