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Friday, April 13, 2007


The weather is holding out so far! Could be decent for the 50K.

I've noticed a new problem with my right foot. I can't figure out how this could have gone so far without me noticing, but I've been stepping funny. I point my toe inward and tilt the ankle outward. This apparently is to keep from feeling the sprain.
A mystery is why I didn't do this with the left ankle, which has been sprained far worse for far longer. The right ankle twisted during the little 17.7-mile run in Salida a couple of weeks ago.
It doesn't feel like a two-week habit. It takes very conscious effort not to step wrong. Maybe this is left-over from my plantar pain which started last June or July, and probably led to the stress fracture?
However it happened, I'm now struggling to correct it. It seems that the only way to fix it is to walk with exaggerated effort. I must support all my weight on the big toe metatarsal and force the foot to point straight ahead. When I do that, the foot and ankle hurt from atrophy and sprain. I've been working on this for only a day.

The 50K Saturday will be interesting, with this problem. I should ignore competition and speed and concentrate on stepping straight with both feet. It's gonna hurt but I can't keep running/walking all catawompus.


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