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Thursday, May 03, 2007


During hard weeks where I run lots of miles, all kinds of thoughts build up in my head. During easy weeks, I tend to post them.

I don't believe or think in a classical fashion. I think classical culture has failed us.


Life isn't meaningful. "Meaning" is derived through action, even if the action is an expresion of love. Life doesn't "give" us meaining. It's for us to create. We have to take meaning from life. It's totally subjective. In that, we can make whatever meaning we want.
Saying that makes it sound like I think it's easy, but it's not.

I can't be Buddhist because I don't believe in Kharma. I don't beleive "everything happens for a reason". I beleive "sh!t just happens".
It's not WHAT happens that counts, but how you deal with what happens.
It doesn't matter whether you have money or possessions.

About the only super-natural thing I beleive in is that there is a creator, the creator is a being of sorts, and that positive attitude/energy causes positive things to happen in life.

Simple example: The vast number of decades of my life were spent in a morbidly negative family. I practiced their negative attitude. In life, I never won anything - I was supremely unlucky. Now I'm lucky. Things practically always work out in my favor, and not particularly because I did anything - it just happens. I win running shoes, iPods, race entries, etc. I win more than my share. Makes me feel guilty (I'll probably give my iPod to my son).
I don't know how else to explain this phenomenon. If these were isolated, or fleeting, I'd say it's chance. But I'm talking about decades worth of bad luck being replaced with several years worth of fantastic luck. I beleive that my great luck will continue as long as I hold on to the positive attitudes I've developed.

Running helps me to meditate. Sometimes it's psuedo-meditation (clearing the mind of everything but one topic). And other times it's true meditation (clearing the mind of everything).
There have been a few times where I've zoned-out and then come back to reality somewhat startled. Hell, I've even started falling asleep while running and almost wiped-out.

I like running long miles. It's peaceful.


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