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Monday, May 21, 2007

A Perfecter Week I Could Not Ask

101.7 miles total. That's the most I've ever run in a week.

The dam at Castlewood Canyon was built about 100 years ago. It broke in 1933 and caused Denver's 2nd-worst flood ever.
Now that my Hell Week is over, I hope to rest-up. It started to get monotonous around Friday. Even the awesome trails and scenery at
Castlewood Canyon weren't enough for me to do anything but "get it over with".

This week, I plan to run with DTR on Thursday. I have to jog/walk a couple miles most days, stretch, massage, etc.

My next event: Steamboat Springs Marathon, Sun. June 3. All pavement, nearly all downhill.
This and Rim Rock are the only pavement races I want to do annually. Steamboat has a party atmosphere all weekend long. The Strawberry Park Hot Springs are awesome - not to mention clothing-optional (which sometimes is a great thing [yeehah!] and sometimes not, but always entertaining).
Both are very fast races with incredible views. That's why I tolerate the pavement.
The Mt. Evens Ascent is all pavement, but I don't intend to run it each year. The views are great there, too, but some of the motorists get belligerent. I understand not liking to get held-up momentarily, but come on! It's not like you have to wait hours. Just seconds here and there. Why do people bring a rush-hour mentality to the mountains? I've seen this so many times. I wish these people would stay in the city.

I bought a new hydration pack. Since my beloved old Camelbak sprung two leaks, I decided it was time to replace the bladder plus buy a pack that was in-between my small backpack and my Camelbak. I don't like any of Camelbak's packs. Too heavy and too many superfluous jizmos sewn on.
Got the Solomon Revo 20. The 15 doesn't have pockets on the belt, which I wanted. The 30 is too big for what I want. Even half-empty, the Revo 20 is so light I think it's about the same weight as my old Camelbak, which has no storage built-in.
Solomon's website sux - too much active content. Takes too long to load, it's confusing to navigate. I have hi-speed at work and it still takes 10-20 seconds to load a page. Too much of a good thing is bad. KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid.
So here's the
Solomon Revo 20 at REI. They have it all stuffed, which makes it look big. With the cinch system, it actually ends up much smaller. These are the lightest featherweight packs I know of. So if it seems like too much pack, who cares? It weighs less than smaller hydration packs.
I blew $$$ on four 2-liter bladders of various manufacturers. I think this must be a life-time supply.

My new Revo got tested at Castlewood Canyon.


At 10:07 PM, Blogger Talon said...

I LOVE Castlewood! I did a 10K there my 1st year here, and it was awesome!


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