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Friday, May 18, 2007

Too close to home

I somehow don't seem to escape constant close reminders of our mortality. My dentist's son died yesterday.

I've never been close to a dentist before, but this one is different. He is the best guy and genuinely cares about everyone.
His receptionist's husband is a triathlete, so we swap stories.
His hygienist is a gabby and entertaining woman.
John Sr. always asks about my training and races.

When I was in college (yes they had college in those days), I was on the trunk of my friend's Nova when he floored the gas pedal. I, of course, didn't accelerate and dropped like a rock to the pavement. My tailbone broke. My first marathon would have been a week later. Instead, I had to play spectator.

Wednesday, as I ran past South High's parking lot, there was a girl sitting on the door sill of a car that was speeding around the parking lot. I thought how totally stupid and unnecessarily dangerous that was.

The folly of youth. Too often the physics never dawns on us. We can only hope we learn before we die.
I guess John Jr. won't get the opportunity to learn. Maybe his classmates will learn from his death.

That's two parents I know in one month who've lost a child.
I thank the Powers above that I still have my son, but these are too close to home, too close together. It has definitely put a damper on my usual behavior. I've worked hard to overcome a negative and depressed attitude in my past. This is difficult. I guess sooner or later I will get hit directly, not obliquely. So these events might be preparing me for what's coming. If Karma rules, and things really do happen for a reason, then I fear what the "reason" for all this might be.


At 7:13 PM, Anonymous Meghan said...


I'm sorry to hear of this tragedy. It's awful, just awful. Thinking of you and your friends.


PS. I just read your comment about your 100 mile week going well. I'm happy to hear that!


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