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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Done it

I went to Castlewood Canyon, helped out with the LaSportiva race, then ran it twice after everyone was gone.
15.2 miles total for my day, including some extra boondogling.
I sprained my ankle - again - when I was nearly done, but this time wasn't so bad. Bad enough to make me stop and lay down with my ankle elevated for a few minutes, and then I walked until lightening got me runing again.
If the race has 900 feet of climbing, I finished my 100-mile week with an 1800 foot workout. I felt okay. There were moments when the trail was challenging and not to hard aerobically. Those sections were the most fun and I ran hard.
Photos and more tomorrow.


At 8:56 PM, Anonymous Meghan said...

WAHOO! Nice job!

Now, drink a cold brew (ot two?) and put your feet up!

You're inspiring me to do something like this. Wish I didn't have a job so I'd have the time... :( Hah.



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