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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lost 5 pounds in 20hrs

This is way-cool link my friend DJ sent me...
Tribute to American Pie (by LoneStarSound.com)

I didn't weigh myself Sunday-Tuesday. My weight was 173lbs Wednesday morning. I had a massage Wed. noonish, which loosened up all the concrete and returned it to my bloodstream for processing. This being an easy week, and me being so busy getting tattoo'd and fixing two computers, I haven't had time to exercise at all! I've stayed hydrated, but this morning my weight was down to 167lbs. So without fluid retention from recovery/swelling due to long miles and little rest, my rested-weight is decent!

I'm supposed to run with DTR tonight (potluck dinner after), but not sure I have time. I have to pack for my dreaded trip to Wichita so I can leave immediately after work Friday.

I say dreaded because I hate the Kansas culture and mindset. It's too - redneck - intolerant. "There's only one way and that's my way!" I'm intolerant of intolerance.
I moved to Colorado because I like thin air and high-jagged peaks. Driving through flat Kansas wheat fields for hours bores me 'til my eyeballs start flipping back in my skull like the fruit on a slot machine.
I'm also the blacksheep of the family and they are apparently incapable of treating me in a positive - or even neutral - fashion. I used to go out of my way to keep my mouth shut and/or go along with stuff, but they became a group of juvenile bullies egging each other on at my expense.
So now I stand my ground instantly. That seems to work. I disagree often and early and refuse to turn the other cheek. They claim to be Christians (which I studied profusely growing up, so even though I don't profess that religion, I am expert in that theology), they don't act it. Like spoiled brats, you can't give them an inch. You have to lay down the rules, set real limits, and there have to be consequences for crossing those boundaries.

So, NO, I'm not looking forward to one second of this trip.
Probably the only thing that will get me to go East again is a funeral!

Yikes! This blog is supposed to be about positive energy and I just spewed forth my dirty laundery.
But it's all part of what makes me the ultra-running loon that I am. After growing up that way, there's nothing I love more than running through pine forests, up and down jagged peaks, across frozen, windy slopes... Freedom! I escaped from the psycho/emotional/spiritual desert that is Kansas culture and moved to where there's variety in both terrain and attitude. I connect with people out here. I connect with the land. I feel spiritual out here.

At least I can take my spirit with me to Kansas.
I just hope I don't get a speeding ticket driving back to Denver!


At 8:26 AM, Anonymous David Johnson said...

Be careful driving, Tattoo, and have a great holiday weekend. Try not to let the family stress you out too much and say hello to them for me. Going to get my canoe/kayak (canak?) tomorrow! Upper body workout, here I come... my goal is to pull a muskellunge out of the James River while working out and simultaneously trying not to kill myself in the occasional rapids. Maybe I should start a canakking blog...?! DJ

At 8:40 AM, Blogger JeffO said...

Da plane - no... Da canak! Da canak!

At 10:06 PM, Blogger Talon said...

I can SO appreciate your comments here!! Good luck in Kansas.


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