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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Running around

I've been very busy (been on vacation). So haven't gotten around to posting. I haven't had a "routine" in over a week. Had one gym workout, but all other workouts have been shoveling snow and sledding with my son.
I feel real bummed that I didn't get any climbing in over my vacation. The snow clogged the roads with too many traffic jams, and I don't like heading out so soon after major snows. Too many avalanches.

So I wasted hours shoveling and going through my mp3 collection sorting things out. I swear no one has a bigger mp3 mess than me! I have about 20GB all mixed up, plus too many duplicates that aren't exactly identical enough for iTunes or anything to peg as duplicates. So I have to sift through... Man, life in the fast lane is TOUGH!

I'm going to try running for the first time since I fractured my foot. Tonight is the DTR Full Moon Run in the snow. If it doesn't feel right, I'll just go snowshoeing. We have a party afterwards. I miss my other peeps. Been two weeks. But I get to see them two nights in a row, so I'll get caught up.

Tricia Lehman froze to death near Rockie Mountain Nat'l Park. It kind of freaks me out. She was tough and experienced. A real smart trekker. How the hell did this happen? It doesn't make sense. I hope they figure it out. The knowledge could save lives.
My heart goes out to those who were close to her. I hope I leave as much positive energy in my wake when I die. She was a powerful soul.


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