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Friday, December 29, 2006


The view from Kaladi Coffee looking west.

Denver has been hit by storm #2:part 1. Storm #2:part 2 is due this evening.
So the snow is piling deeper and deeper. This was a shock when it caused people to not get to work and the coffee shops, liquor stores, and DVD stores were closed. But today everything is open.
Since my gym is always closed during the slightest hardship, I've been getting my work-outs by shovelling snow in the 'hood. My sides are sore, but I keep shovelling. My fat cells have expanded and I've gained 4 pounds. I need to be running.
I got a good work-out the evening before the 2nd storm. I was able to go longer and harder on the eliptical. I even did some extra after the usual routines.
I-70 was nearly closed yesterday. I had wanted to climb Mt. Bierstadt, but the highway was a giant, long parking lot. I guess they had people spending the night in their cars.
Today, my other brother, Joe, is coming over to play computer games. He's been shovelling too, so we each will get a break.


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