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Friday, December 01, 2006

Seeing My Peeps!

I've been going stir-crazy lately. Yesterday, I went to Matrix gym for the first time in a couple of months. It was great to see some of my friends. They were wondering where I was.
Did an upper-body, but the pushups aggravated my foot. I tried the elliptical, but after four minutes my foot was starting to swell up again, so I stopped.
I saw Jeannie! She quit, but she was back trying a class and wondering if she'll renew (Matrix offerred her a deal).
I checked with the front desk and she can come to the members-only anniversary party next week.

Then I went to North Table Mtn to meet the Denver Trail Runners (party afterwards) but no one was there.
Drove to an office building and turned on my laptop. Now, what are the chances that an office has WiFi that's not locked-down? Around Denver, it's now rare (unlike a year ago). But my laptop connected instantly. I reviewed the email and saw my mistake: South Table, not North!
That's the 3rd time I've done that, and it's always when DTR meets at SOUTH Table Mtn! What is my jinx with that? I caught the last DTR person before they left and got the address, then plugged it into my PDA and pin-pointed the locations. (What a tech-weenie!)
Seeing My Peeps, Part II!
Haven't seen the DTR group in a month! Always been packing for trips or at airports or on the road. And next week I'll miss the next DTR run+party due to the Matrix party. We had a great, relaxing time at Mary's. I brought Beck's Dark - man was that popular!

I need to go to the gym more often, now that my foot is slightly better, and since I can't run (and since there's some hot, new women there).

About the fur on my face...
It wasn't a plan. I've gotten lazy in the past and let some fuzz grow, but people always complained that I look like a homeless guy.
But now that I have a tan and some gray on my chin women keep walking up to me saying, "the beard - it's workin' for me," or "I like the new look!" So I figure as long as I still have some tan, I'll let it ride.
These dark, short days of winter aren't condusive to nice tans, so I'll probably shave it off in January.


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