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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

This is gross

Yesterday evening, one of my toenails was itching, so I rubbed it. The toe nail came off. It was long-gone anyway, so when it fell off, there was no pain.
I've been used to all my ugly dead and dieing nails. The one that fell off has a soft, clean-looking nail growing underneath.
That's what seems to always happen. The nail starts seperating and starts dieing. Meanwhile, a new nail grows underneath. This disrupts the upper nail even more. How they can both be alive is beyond me, but then sometimes I swear there's more than a couple of nails all growing in layers like tektonic plates (for you geology geeks) one on top of the other. The lowest layer is always the healthiest. Some layers are totally melded together and are so thick knarly I have to file them with a rasp like I'm a hossler working on a horse.

And yet the skin on my feet has never been healthier. The only spot with thick callous is the tip of one of my toes that grew a tiny bit disproportionate to the rest in length. Even the heels and balls have healthy skin, even though they have historically had ugly callouses. It's hard to imagine all the miles that's been put on them when they look so healthy.


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