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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Night rider

I rode about 20 easy miles last night. It felt good to get the circulation going again.
My butt hurts, though. I need to ride more often.
I ate with the usual Tuesday gang afterwards. It was good to see most everyone again.
Even the ones that were missing ended up meeting us at Chipotle.
Except for Christine and Kristen!
Got to see Chris and Brandy Monday evening.

Now if I can get myself to a Thursday trail run. Not this week. They're going to think I dropped off the planet. In spite of all the time I spend with the Tuesday group, I always thought of the trail running group as my primary circle.
Being lame is so lame!
I miss the night-time runs. I especially miss the Full-Moon Runs where we turn off our headlamps and run through the snow by moonlight, no one speaking.
I want to do another surprise "aid-station" for one of the Full-Moon Runs. Cocoa and Schnapps on a crisp winter night without warning. I need to buy some butt-pants - those pants with big, fake butt-cheeks protruding out. What better garb for a "full-moon" aid-station?


At 3:17 PM, Anonymous John Wright said...

Good to see you last night Jeff. I am in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Renee and I drove 10 hours, starting at 4 this morning. We had a beautiful drive through the Bridger-Teton Forest in Wyoming and then by the Palisades/Snake River.

Hang in there, you will heal soon.

I have never done one of the moon-lights runs, hope to soon.

At 4:46 PM, Blogger JeffO said...

Dude, you travel all the time. I love long drives through the West! You're lucky! Show me pictures!


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