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Thursday, October 26, 2006


My favorite Ultimate Direction hand-held bottle got ruined last weekend when it froze during my night camping near Leadville. Now I have Goblin Valley 50K Saturday and no bottle. Guess I'll have to fall back on my Camelbak.

At Goblin, I'm looking to break 5 hours. That's going to take some persistent hard work. I might not be capable. Realistically, I'd say 5h40m. But who wants to be realistic on the season's last big trail race? I want to GO for it! Don't be surprised if I have tragic news afterwards of bonkin'-n-hurlin'.

Last year, I came up lame when my Montrails rubbed my ankle wrong. By mile 21, I could barely walk. My ankle was purple and swollen. 6h3m - I was em-bare-ASSed!
So even if I don't do well, I surely ought to blow away last year's time, right?



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