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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Just add water

Me and my mistress sharing an intimate moment

The biggest difference between my brothers and I and most other people is, most other people crave physical comfort.
Years ago, someone was asking me about why I hike and climb mountains in winter. They were getting rather upset. Seems strange to get upset with me - not like I'm forcing THEM to do it. To each their own, right? But NO! They were definitely upset, pissed, confused. Turns out the biggest problem they seemed to have is that I obviously was experiencing physical discomfort, which made them just about bust a VEIN! Why would anyone willingly do ANYTHING that they knew beforehand would lead to physical discomforts?!?!?!?! That's insane!
Wow! I never thought of anything in life like that. Life is full of unavoidable discomforts. So why waist so much energy on trying to avoid the unavoidable? Let's say you could avoid discomfort - would life be worth living? Some people think so. In fact, many people believe the definition of bliss is the simple absence of physical discomfort.
I call these people comfort-junkies.

There are times when I wasn't in great shape. I've never been in horrible shape, but I haven't always been in good shape. When I was a teen, I used to smoke and do drugs. There have been times when I lived in Kansas and it was too hot and the terrain too flat to lure me out. When I changed careers, I had a million excuses why I couldn't - not enough time, not enough money, I was making adequate money already, even if my job was hazardous and not stable. So to cast excuses aside I had to give up some things, like exercise, some sleep, a social life, etc. I got out of shape for years. I felt really bad! The poisons build up in your body, especially your skin. Simply walking is somewhat uncomfortable. So avoiding discomfort to the extent that it leads to poor physical conditioning actually causes discomfort.
Hey, at least the discomforts I experience are fleeting! When you're in horrible condition, you can't escape it!

Comfort-junkies don't know what an endorphin high feels like. They don't know how exhilarating grand vistas are during runs, hikes, climbs, etc. They live life by fear of discomfort, so they limit their life-experiences to almost nothing. Then, so they don't feel wrong, they condemn anyone who doesn't live according to the same fear-of-discomforts. They use anything to back themselves up. If they're religious, they try to make others sound like evil heretics. If they're environmentalists, they try to make it sound like we're destroying the Earth with our activities. Whatever.
To each their own. Just wondering why they attack me. And some of them feel so very strongly that they get real ANGRY at me for climbing year-round, hiking, running long distances (often),...
It's part of a "culture of can't". (Man, I'm full of slogans today.)
So much life-force put into resisting life.
About the only thing I resist is things that fetter my freedom. I want to always be able to throw some water into my car and head out. My car is nearly always stocked with gear. Just add fresh water and GO!


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