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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Doubter Do

I’ve often said, “I don’t think I can do this,” and people say that “if you don’t think you can, then you won’t.”
Not true. That may be true of others, but I’m wired differently.

Dick Rutan is the only other person I know of who is like me in this. (Of course he's far more brilliant!) When he says, “That’s impossible. No one can do that,” then he’ll not only attempt it, he’ll succeed. He has a long list of “impossible” accomplishments.

When I say something can’t be done, I’m not giving up; I’m challenging myself to a duel. The gauntlet is down. Time to rock-n-roll.
I fail a lot! So it’s not some series of successes. It’s a series of failures with rare success. Failure is easy for me to deal with because it happens all the time. Failure is almost meaningless, except to teach me what doesn’t work. I still react to failure, because I’m a passionate person (that’s why I’m crazy, right?), but success is awesome!

If it’s easy, it probably isn’t worth doing.


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