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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hate to eat-n-run, but gotta go, gotta go

Hey, it's summer down there!

One of the biggest differences between training for regular races and ultras is that regular races don't require food. Ultras require substantial consumption of calories and water. Gels and Gatoraid alone won't do, for most people. Ultras typically have aid stations stocked with sandwhiches, soup, and other food.
Runners who aren't used to eating while they run will have trouble. If your electrolytes are imbalanced, you might hurl. If you're too exhausted and hungry, your body might start going into shock, and you might hurl. If you get dehydrated, you might hurl. If you get too much air in your stomach after eating, you might hurl. (Hey, there seems like a theme here.)

Don't be a hurl-gurl or a hurlie-man. Train to eat.

For some reason, if I start a run with food in my stomach, it's a bad thing. I have to wait until my body is totally warmed up. Then I can eat.
I like Accel gel and Hammer gel. I don't like caffiene unless there's less than 6 miles to go.
Chicken soup is great. Gimme noodles, too.
I lived on PBJ for a year. Can't eat it very well anymore.
Used to swear by Camelbak, but if aid stations are frequent, I prefer a hand-held water bottle. Two Dixie cups without stopping through an aid station keeps me from wasting time.
If aid stations are few and far between, nothing beats Camelbak. I once went head-down&ass-over (no - I meant to do that) down a rocky trail. The Camelbak protected my spine. On hot trails, the water helps cool my body (I take the foam liner out so the water is sloshing next to my skin). They tend to have pitchers of sport drink at the aids.

I'm sewing my own hydration pak for racing. Not sure what bladder I'll use. Platypus is lightest, but the design sticks me in the back. Camelbak doesn't, but the bladders are too heavy. (Sounds like I need to write a letter.)

Run happy, mud-puppies!


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