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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


This is my first blog, so excuse the crustiness, please.

The reason I'm doing this blog is to start a diary during the year leading up to my first Leadville Trail 100.
Interested people would be others who are training for ultra-marathons, especially the LT100 or other 100-mile races.

If you don't know what an ultra is, or haven't heard of hundred mile foot races, then you're probably wondering if you're misunderstanding. The usual first reaction to hearing about a hundred-miler is, "What? What do you mean? A relay? How many days is it broken up into?" Well, it's not a relay and it's not broken up, but yes it does tend to take more than a day for most mortals.

Some, though, are not mere mortals. Matt Carpenter holds the LT100 record of just under 16 hours. Nothing more than a good days run for him. Sure he bleeds like the rest of us, so he's "mortal", but he's not just a "mere mortal"! I guess that's why champions inspire.

I love the Rockies of Colorado. I like camping, hiking, climbing fourteeners, winter mountaineering, and trail running. So when I heard of the LT100 I thought two things:
1) That seems totally impossible, incredible - even fictional!
2) Other people have done it - so that means I can too.
Hey, wouldn't it be awesome to be one of those mountain gods?

Of course there's those who "can" and those who "can". The first "can" means you have the potential-potential - i.e. you can't right this instant, but you can attain the ability. The second "can" means you have the ability.
But as those who have completed ultramarthons know, even having the ability doesn't mean you're guaranteed success.

So my goal is to succeed the first time, and without injury.


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