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Friday, September 08, 2006

Setting the stage

Last year, I ran for fun and socializing and started with no serious goals. However, by the time I paced Paul Grimm at Leadville in August 2005, I was hooked and planned to finish the LT100 at least once. I started the day by setting a dramatic PR running up and down Grays & Torreys that morning, then drove to Leadville to pace for 26 miles. So I had a great 41 mile day. But I wasn't racing. The longest race I had done was 10 miles.
Then in October, I ran a 50K, totally bypassing the marathon distance.

This year has had me racing over 350 miles, not including training...

Salida 'Run Through Time' Marathon
Collegiate Peaks (25 mile)
Steamboat Springs Marathon
Buffalo Creek Marathon
Golden Gate half-marathon
Leadville Marathon
White Ranch 10K
Elk Meadows 10K
Fastrek Forest Challenge (8 miles)
Pikes Peak Marathon

Scheduled this year:
Kremmling Road Kill Half-M
Golden Leaf Half-M
Durango Double (50K & Marathon)
Silent Trails (10 mile)
Goblin Valley 50K
Rim Rock Run (22.5 miles)

And there will probably be a few others not on the current schedule.
The goal of this year was to increase speed and solidify my marathon-distance endurance. I ran the Pikes Peak Marathon and chose that as the year's most important race. Before that, I didn't want to "waste effort" on distances over 26.2 miles.
My speed has increased. I used to finish with 30% to 50% of the pack behind me. Now I can reliably perform with about 75% of the pack behind me.
Now that Pikes is done, I can devote some effort to longer distances.

I was counting on the 24-hours of Boulder the end of Spring, but they moved it to the Fall for next year. I need such an event and will have to find something else. If I can't find one, I'll have to do my own 24-hour training event. I'll map a 8.3 mile course in the mountains that is sufficiently rugged and high. 8.333 miles is 100/12, which is the average distance between aid stations at Leadville. Maybe I'll choose a course up Sugarloaf Mtn near Leadville from where the Mayqueen aid station will be. (4.16 up and back, 12x's) My car will be the aid station.

The best part of all this running has been the amazing people I've met along the way. Although I'm becoming more focused, I hope I don't lose site of my humanity in pursuit of some selfish and stupid goal to run ridiculous distances. It should be fun, it should be social, it should be healthy both in mind and body. Although it won't change the world, I (at least) should come away with something I can use the rest of my life.


At 10:16 PM, Blogger Talon said...

As a fellow ultrarunning freak, I say AMEN! LOL I know you can do it too! Thanks for inviting me to check out your blog. I look forward to keeping track of your journey! I'd offer to pace you, but we both know you're too fast for me. ;-)


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