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Thursday, September 07, 2006


I hope none of this seems elitist. Completing the LT100 and Hardrock 100 are goals that would be meaningful to me. I like to keep things in perspective, though. Just because I can do something most people can't doesn't mean I'm better, because most people can do things that I can't. Some people have musical skills, PhD's, teaching skills, leadership abilities, etc. that are not only extremely hard to achieve, but do the world a great deal of good.
I don't see my ultra running as being important (except to me). We ultra-runners tend to know of each other and admire each other, but the rest of the world sees us as curiousities and sometimes freaks. It's also a bit selfish to expend so much energy doing something that doesn't really benefit the world. But we all have free time, right? Most choose to spend it vegging in front of the TV, or watching people play sports. We choose to run.
Hey, have any ultra-runners out there not been called "crazy"? Huh? I'll bet not a single one! We share a bond of insanity.

Actually, though, it's not insanity. Seriously, it's a matter of doing the right training. Sure there tends to be pain, but not necessarily. Proper training may rid you of most pain.
Discomfort is another matter. There seems no end to discomfort. Even without obvious pain, discomfort can wear you down and make you quit.
I've not had a happy childhood, and I grew up with no end to sources of how weak and pathetic I am. So now that I'm into my middle-age thing, I guess I'm still insecure about that. I'll always be proving - without ever being satisfied - that I'm not a gutless wus.

Besides, for my "mid-life crisis", ultra-running is a lot cheaper than a red Ferrari convertible.


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