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Monday, September 18, 2006


My klutzy weekend didn't work out for racing. I needed a Saturday race, but both races were Sunday, so I didn't have one to run.
When I got home Friday, I found out my new mountain bike was ready for me. So I bought shoes and cleats (my first bike with clipless pedals).

Saturday was spent above Winter Park Resort on the road to Rollins Pass. It was snowing (it was a BLIZZARD!!!). So my first day using a REAL mountain bike was in 4" of snow. The bad news is my tires slipped a lot and I couldn't see the rocks underneath very easily. The good news is snow is a lot softer to fall down on!

Sunday, I biked in 40mph winds, but no snow. It was not a graceful ride. I fell lots of times (but no one saw, so it doesn't count, right?) One fall was spectacular on a switchback on a steep, rocky slope. Good thing I had my helmet, my Camelbak, and gel gloves. That's the only reason I'm not hurt. (That and my thick, boney Slovak skull. I probably have a concussion, but how can anyone tell?)
If I had sense I'd be a roadie and run in towns.
I love snow. Did I tell you I like snow? I sure do!


At 1:09 PM, Anonymous David Johnson said...

When Jeff and I were in fifth grade, the elementary school we attended had their version of "olympics" and everyone competed to see how many push-ups and other exercises we could do. Jeff decided to see how many sit-ups he was capable of and handily won the event. And kept going. And going. And going. The rest of us eventually drifted away as he lay there, performing sit-up after sit-up on the grass in the middle of the ballfield on a single-minded drive for personal best. In fifth grade! You can't say he isn't disciplined.


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