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Friday, September 29, 2006


Yesterday, before my trail run at Apex, I had a strange sense of foreboding. Like something bad was going to happen. It was like a strong feeling that I was going to get hurt. Apex is real rocky. And the last leg runs straight down the bottom of the valley. The angle is perfect to run with high speed and little effort. But there are extremly technical sections. Few people can blaze full-speed through these.

I ran most of it with care. It's easy to run up steep sections carefully, because you're barely crawling. But then I started down that last part.
One of our faster runners, Ted, was coming down behind me. I'm the competitive type. Even though Ted is faster, I wanted to see how long I could stay ahead of him, without getting in his way. So I cast my foreboding aside and just WENT. Man, that was FUN! It's scary and exciting. One wrong step can destroy you.
Ted tripped, at one point, but somehow managed to stay on his feet.
Then he passed and burst ahead.

It was a great run. Really good for the soul.


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