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Monday, October 16, 2006

Silent Trails

This photo is actually from last year. I didn't take any photos this time.

Silent Trails Memorial 10-mile Run in Wyoming was fun, as usual.
I carpooled with a friend. A generous aquaintance that I met once at the Collegiate Peaks race last May had offered me a place to stay. So we camped-out on his floor.
Race day was 29 degrees in Laramie. We drove up to the Lincoln Highway/ Happy Jack exit in perfect weather.
They set a new record for number of entrants. There were about 120 runners this year.
I only managed to take off approximately two minutes from last year, but at least it's better.
Last year, I was stuck behind several slower runners during the first miles. So this year I put forth extra effort to get ahead. It paid off, but it would seem that I ran the entire race at the same speed as last year. The two minute PR was probably due entirely to my starting strategy. Bummer. That means my training hasn't been right - at least for short races.


At 11:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

we have a memorial race every year in Douglas Wyoming for the wyoming 8. its called the Shane Shatto memorial race and remember the wyoming 8. it is for my son who was one of the runners killed. its aug. 11th this year love to have you come run at it. its a 5k and 10 k run/ walk . just trying to get the word out on it.
thanks kerry shatto


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