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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Durango Double 50K

It rained on us all the way down from Denver. The forecast said it would rain through the weekend. I was ready to run in it. I'd prefer clear weather, but I'll run in anything!

Tim & Anita Fromm with Pam Reed. Pam holds the women's record at Badwater (135 miles) and wrote a book.

We lucked out - we only had some mud to contend with on the Telegraph 50K...

Me, sliding down.

Tim and Anita Fromm enjoying the mudfest.

Anita mudslinging.

Anita negotiating one of the few downed trees along the trail.

See what kind of views we had to tolerate?

One of the many telegraph poles and wires that gave the trail its name.

At the beginnig and end of the 50K, we ran along the Animas River's shore. Because of the torrential rains, we had to tiptoe through a couple inches of water. During the race, the water rose over a foot! It was up to our knees on the return. I was laughing and splashing through and told a kayaker several feet away that I was kayaking too! He must've thought we were loco!
It was a fantastic way to end the 50K. It's the kind of thing that trail running is all about! I sorely wish I'd remembered to take a photo, but after 30 miles and one more mile to go, I wasn't 100%.

Friends Talon Windwalker ran the 25K and Dave Black ran the 50K.


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