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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Durango Double Marathon

Here's another one from the 50K.

The Marathon was re-routed because of traffic control issues. So we ran it on a concrete path along the river. Totally different race than the 50K. Of course, the 50K was more fun, but don't think for an instant that the marathon was a dud. There were aid stations so frequent that I swear it averaged about one every mile. I ate and drank so much I probably gained weight during the race.

The people both days were amazing! So friendly, so out-going. I wish I could remember everyone's names. I'll see many of them again, so maybe I'll get another chance.

A ton of thanks has to go to Anita. Her vast experience and her fantastic company were a godsend.
Once when we were coming to a hill, I said, "I'm just going to creep up this." She responded, "No you're not! Come on! Let's power up!" And we did. We didn't run all of each race together (Anita had the Heartland 100 coming up), but even when she wasn't with me, I heard her voice pushing me up each hill.
She invited me to pace her at Badwater, so maybe I can return the favors.

From the time the 50K started to the time I finished the marathon, about 29 hours passed. Of that 29 hours, I ran more than a third of it!
Leadville allows 30 hours to complete 100. I feel so ready.


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