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Friday, October 20, 2006

Feeling my bones

At my desk at work.

You know you're alive when you feel your bones.
My lower back hurts after trail runs. The end-of-season won't come too soon.
I think the back pain is from back in early July when my right foot started hurting. Sharp pain right behind the ball of the foot. I ended up walking back on my heel. I'm used to walking and running on my toes, so walking on my heels didn't allow the usual shock absorption. My back got hurt from that, but it healed. I guess it wasn't healed all the way. Pikes Peak Marathon undid it.
When the endorphins are flowing, I don't feel it, but when I stop, it hurts bad for about 20 minutes.
I still have 60 miles to race this season. 50K coming up in a week.
Goblin Valley ought to be fun. Carpooling with a friend.

Trail running requires maximum twist in the torso. It also requires maximum cam-action rotation of the hips. By the time you're done twisting and rotating, there's not supposed to be much left for your legs to do. That's how you last forever. You trail-run with your entire body.
I need a one month rest. That's going to be hard. I always want to run through the woods. I dream of it when I'm asleep and I dream of it when I'm awake.

This weekend, I need to dig a hole in the snow, set up my tent, read my Meditations from the Mat, and stare at the wind.


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