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Monday, November 13, 2006

Rim Rock Run - 22.5 miles

Last run of the season - whether I like it or not.

(Photos from last year)

After breathing 2nd-hand smoke for 5 days in a row, I ended up getting stomach flu in Vegas. The nausea started in the middle of Wed. night and kept me tossing and turning until the alarm went off. I thought it was just from all the smoke, not a virus.
Thursday was rough. The nasea never got worse, but didn't go away. I signed up for the Rim Rock Run thinking it would clear up. But then the body aches and fatigue started and I was sure I'd wasted my $45 entry.
The plane landed after 11pm and the taxi dropped me off after midnight. I went to bed before 1am Friday morning and slept until 9am. I was REALLY dehydrated by then! But at least the symptoms were mostly gone. Then I packed real fast (forgot my camera (sorry Brandy), called friends, arranged a hasty carpool, and left Denver again at 1pm. The whole time I was drinking Gatoraid.
I met my friend Mike Stabler, who also has a Honda CR-V, and we opted for my car since I was bringing more stuff.
We got to Grand Junction by 6pm, met Brandy and her mom, and went to grab our race packets, eat, and listen to the guest speaker.
I slept on the floor in my sleeping bags. Slept real well - like a corpse.
The next morning, Brandy's mom drove us all to the start.
I didn't know what to expect of my flu-ravaged body. I felt okay and just went easy.
Brandy stuck with me stride-for-stride the first two miles as we climbed up and up and up to the top of the Colorado National Monument. By the time I'd reached the top, I was warmed up and feeling well. I started hatching a goal. I trusted my legs. They like to run. They didn't feel like stopping. I pushed harder than I ever have, drank extra Gatoraid and ate three gels (thanks Brandy).
I was passing people all along the way. I was speeding up. I decided to sprint all-out the last quarter-mile.
But a few steps after passing the 20-mile marker, a sharp pain went up behind my right toes. It got worse. By mile 21, it was excruciating. With only half a mile to go, I was barely able to hop real fast. I looked pathetic crossing the finish. Got passed by a dozen people the last mile. It's embarassing to get injured, but I still managed to take 12 minutes off last years time, plus it was the fastest race-pace of my life. So that, to me, was LUCKY!
Hey, my race bib number was: 777 !!!! Is that cool, or what?

Very fun weekend.
But now I'm on crutches.
Next year...gonna break 3 hours.


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