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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

More snow

We had 14-30 inches, in the last storm, depending on where you measured. We got another inch Christmas Eve. Now another storm is coming that will move slower but stay longer and is supposed to dump 14 inches more.
I love snow, but this city doesn't have enough crews out clearing the roads. There are shut-ins and crippled people who can't get out. Many of the volunteers who look after these people are retired old people who can't get around very well themselves.

I spent hours each day shovelling. It's hard work, but with my broken foot, it's the only work-out I'm getting. My gym tends to close at the drop of a hat (really irritates me - Bally or 24HourFitness, here I come).

I wish more people would pitch in and help shovel the streets and sidewalks. Especially if you know someone who can't get around very well.
Starting a 6-day vacation. I hope to get some alpine climbing in, some computer gaming with my brothers, some reading, and some very righteous partying.


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